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Center for oral health - our preventive dental examinations

In more than 35 years of success in the oral health prevention, we have designed our prevention programs according to our motto „healthy teeth for life“ individualized for all age groups

An examination cosists of both preventive and therapeutic procedures including education on household measures to maintain ones oral health. Any necessary diagnostics is done via caries risk test, microbiological test for periodontal disease, saliva check test, laser diagnosis of caries, digital X-ray images and more.

Good general health does not exist with the presence of various diseases in the mouth.  Research has proven that many oral conditions can increase risk for many systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke), atherosclerosis, pancreatic disease, preterm labor and others.

Find out more on our preventive dental examinations –„ HEALTHY TEETH FOR LIFE!“

Expecting mothers

Our examination, in-office preventive procedures and education on home care are intended to maintain a healthy oral cavity during pregnancy by reducing the number of caries causing bacteria, thus preventing expecting mothers from transfering them to their child. Dental caries is not hereditary. Dental caries is an infectious disease!

Children and young adults

Our preventive measuers are aimed to keep baby (milk) teeth healthy, allowing permanent teeth to erupt in a clean healthy mouth. Regular topical fluoridation, age appropriate therapeutic procedures, and educating parents and children together on household measures on oralhealthcare, dental caries, on the consequences of prematurely lost baby (milk) teeth, and importance of a healthy diet are part of our preventive measures. We use laser diagnostics for uncovering the start of caries, allowing for caries to be treated completely PAINLESSLY with Ozone therapy. 

The elderly

With age, the biological structures of the mouth change with age. Bones become more porous due to osteoporosis, the mucosa loses its elasticity and becomes drier, and there is less saliva production often as a result of taking various medication which results in "dry mouth" syndrome. Saliva has a vital role in oral health by protecting against the invasion of microbes, maintains a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth and physically washes away pathological bacteria. We also check the manual dexterity of a person, which sometimes can make maintaining oral hygiene more difficult. Our examintaion is aimed at helping maintain a healthy mouth with in-office preventive measures and education on home oral health care, which can differ depending on age and sex.  


Our examination is focused on the protection from injury during various sport activities. Danger of injury to the mouth and teeth is significantly increased in sports, especially in contact sports where blows are directed towards the head and mouth. A sports mouthguard is the best for of protection. The role of a mouthguard is manifold: protects teeth and tissue from direct injury, reduces shocks to the head and face, reduces the severity of injury to the neck and absorbs shocks that could cause loss of consciousness and concussions. Many insurance providers insist on their athletes wear mouthguards during sport activities.

Corporate systemic dental examination

Is an indispensable supplement to a medical health examination, and for many years has been a standard in developed coutries. Todays fast pased way of life  has a great effect on ones health. Stress is often a "trigger" in many systemic diseases whose symptoms are often first visible in the mouth. The goal of prevention is optimal oral health with in-office preventive and therapeutic procedures (professional cleaning of teeth and crowns, preventive periodontal treatment, topical fluoridation, digital X-rays, uncovering suspicious lesions, caries diagnosi and diagnosis of the risk of periodontal disease), education (especially for women in regarding menopause), and instructions on  home oral health care measures which can benefit the whole family.

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