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Orthodontic treatment is not necessary only to have a beautiful smile, rather is beneficial for the entire stomatognathic system. Improper occlusion (the way you bite) effects the temporomandibular (jaw) joint, causing uneven tooth wear and the uneven distribution of force on teeth, ulitmately having adverse effects on gums as well. Crowded teeth are more difficult to clean, thus increase the risk of caries and periodontal disease.

At your first visit, an orthodontics specialist will take a detailed examintaion, analysis, and impression for a cast study model. After careful analysis of the study model, orthopantomogram, and teleroentgen images, the orthodontist specials can make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Orthodontic treatment consists of removable orthodontic treatment and fixed orthodontic treatment. Each has its indication. Removable orthodontic treatment consists of a removable plate which the patient wears according to the orthodontists instructions. Removable orthodontic treatment is usually used in treating cases of mixed dentition, ie. during the period of intensive growth. Fixed orthodontic treatment, „braces“ consists of bonding brackets to teeth, and is the most common type of orthodontic treatment. The length of treatment depends on the diagnosis, but in average lasts around 2 years.

There are different types of braces:

  • Classic metal
  • Aesthetic white plastic
  • Aesthetic white ceramic
  • Damon braces

Self ligating Damon braces have their advantages in comparison to classic metal braces. They are more comfortable to wear, oral hygiene is easier to maintain, require fewer visits and the total treatment time is shorter.

After orthodontic treattent, retention is extremely important because it ensures the achieved tooth position. In most cases, retention is achieved with an aesthetically pleasing clear acrylic retainer. It is especially important to wear the reatainer as instructed by the orthodontist to prevent any undesired tooth movement.

Naturally, oral hygiene is essential for successful orthodontic treatment. Professional cleanings before, during and after removing braces are necessary to maintain excellent oral hygiene and ensure successful treatment. 


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