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Your first visit

Your first dental appointment

We offer short consultations (10 minute) free of charge!

However, a detailed initial dental examination * does not consist only of a list of carious, restored, and extracted teeth, or a list of necessary restorations (fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures), rather a thorough examination of the entire oral cavity. The oral cavity is an indicator of many illnesses and a first dental examination gives everyone insight into their own oral, thus general health.

A detailed clinical examination consists of an examination of the entire oral cavity (teeth, gums, tongue and other soft tissues), assessment of oral hygiene, medical and dental history, and necessary diagnostic tests. Clinical examinations are adapted to the needs of each individual patient (expecting mothers, children, athletes, the elderly, etc.).

Based on the overall picture, we can suggest therapeutic options and instruct patients how to maintain optimal oral hygiene with preventive measures and instructions for home care

Make an appointment for an initial dental examination and a make the first step to ensure you have healthy teeth for life!

* Initial dental examinations are charged according to the currently valid price list.


Suglasan/na sam se moji podaci koriste u svrhu kontakta za pregled.